Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holy Crap! Is That an Airstream?

So a couple weeks ago, I called and made a reservation at the Holiday Park Campground in Traverse City, MI. When I called, the operator asked what type of trailer we had and I stated a 23’ Airstream and he replied, “Is that one of those silver ones?” Of course I replied with pride…”Yep”. Nothing to exciting, but the reservation was made for the weekend.
So a couple weeks passed by and we did some research on the area and plotted our course to visit as many of the local wineries as we possibly could until we could not drink any more free samples…it was gonna be a fun weekend!
But then we arrived and as we pull into the driveway of the Holiday Park, the Safari heaved a contented sigh…ahh…She was finally home!

Nestled among the trees and gracefully lined up along the lake are more Airstreams than our 30 fingers could count.

We even saw several "Squarestreams" throughout the park.

It seems that the Holiday Park is “Michigan’s Airstreamers Park”. So close to us…only 200 miles from where we live…and we never heard their calls.

As we entered the park, Kim noticed drops of moisture pooling in my eyes…she was unsure if they were tears of joy or just beads of excited sweat. (In fact, it was both).
There was no stares or points as we found our campsite…we were so common and we blend right in. However, ours is still the prettiest…our love for her only grows.

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